Property Management


Many people would love to expand their portfolio into real estate but want to avoid dealing with the hassle of collecting rent or making repairs. Team Webb provides concierge property management, lowering the entry barrier into this exclusive market. If you're tired of micromanaging your tenants, contact Team Webb today.

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Finding the Right Tenants

If you've ever had the wrong tenant in your property, you know how expensive and stressful it is to get them out. Team Webb handles the specifics of tenant screening and relationship management so that you can focus on your passions.


You want to keep your property well-maintained, but keeping up with inspections and maintenance feels like a never-ending battle against the elements. Let Team Webb handle the specifics so that you can grow your portfolio with ease.

Liability Protections

Team Webb is committed to protecting our clients' assets. We leverage our exclusive vendor relationships and expert tax & legal experience to ensure our clients are never vulnerable in case of emergency or fraud. If you're losing sleep over your rental properties, Team Webb can help.

Conscientious Stewardship

Team Webb manages dozens of properties across the Oklahoma City metro. Team Webb believes in treating people how they would like to be treated, so they manage each property as if it were their own. If other managers have burned you in the past, it's time to experience the Team Webb difference.

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